Suitcase PC

Back in the day, I had the idea for my first case computer which I called the Poor Mans Netbook, even though it ended up costing quiet a bit more than a netbook to build. After people constantly commented on how bulky and under powered it was, I decided to work on a smaller, faster and better built system that could actually be useful for something. I was able to get a much smaller case of the same brand as the last one that I could fit a mini-itx mobo in and the process began.

-Pentium Dual Core E5200
2.5 GHz, 2MB L2, 800Mhz
-2x 2GB Corsair DDR2 PC6400
-GeForce 7100 Integrated GPU
-8” Touch Screen LCD
-Netgear WG111 802.11G
-Bluetooth 2.1-EDR

While bench testing, I was able to overclock the CPU to 3.2Ghz on air but decided to run at stock due to the lack of airflow in the case. Im using a 120w Pico-PSU for power. System in this configuration only drew 34w idle.

Stock heat sink would not fit in the case as it was too tall. Had to install a 1U heat sink instead. Its silent when the system is idle but during full load it sounds like a vacuum.

Stressing the CPU, SSD, GPU, WiFi and Bluetooth all at the same time to make sure its all stable.

My LCD finally came in the mail. 8” 1024x768 LCD with touch panel. I needed to power it with the computers power supply so I had to modify the adaptor to connect to the 12v rail of the PSU.

System fully loaded with the LCD. The power brick for the pico-psu is only 60w so I need to go order a 102w. For now I need to power it with a full size PSU.

I made the top of the case from a sheet of steel. The two large holes are for the fan grills for airflow. The other holes are for the power adaptor, power switch, 2 USB ports, SATA port and a molex power connector.

All painted, just have to install the fan grills and other ports and switches.

Size comparisons... 9” EeePC, 13” Unibody MB, “Suitecase PC”

And I am done for now. I still would like to figure out a better bezel for the monitor instead of using a piece of foam. Still waiting for my new power brick to boot it all up but once I receive that I will post more pics of the system up and running. Thanks!