Transparent Computer Case

Plexi Glass is one of my favorite materials to work with since it is versatile and easy to work with. Naturally it makes a perfect material for a computer case and that’s where I begin.

Intel D945GCLF Atom 1.6GHz
1GB DDR2 Ram
80GB Seagate HDD

This computer is nothing fancy and is just made up of spare parts I had laying around. It will probably end up as a kitchen or garage computer.

Large pieces make up the baseplate and top of the case and two smaller ones will be the supporting beams. Initially I planed on having two fans on top but I was able to make it thinner using only one and it still provided enough airflow.

I scan the bottom of the motherboard and hard drive to make a template for the screw holes. Since it copies it at actual size, this makes it really easy to layout the baseplate.

Baseplate with hard drive screw holes and motherboard standoffs

Top of the case is done! Just had to drill a 80mm fan hole along with screw holes