Adding ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and LK (Lane Keeping) to 2022 F-150 Lightning XLT

This guide will assist you in adding the radar unit and Forscan values to add Adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go, along with Lane Keeping. Please do not attempt without understanding how Forscan works, I ran into some issues that can disable the truck if you are not careful. Okay, lets get to it.

These are the parts I bought. I used Tasca website to get the first three parts and the steering wheel buttons from eBay
  • Sensor Assembly: ML3Z-9E731-G
  • Mounting Bolts(3x): W720714S450B
  • Wiring Harness: ML3Z-15K867-NA
  • Steering wheel buttons: ML3Z-9C888-D
Disassembling the bumper is what took me the longest. I plan on making a video on this when I help my friend do this mod to his lightning. For now, heres a quick overview. Before starting anything, unplug the 12v battery. This is necessary before removing the airbag in the steering wheel.

Basically you remove all the bolts holding the frunk tub in. There's just one connector providing the power and lights to the tub so its pretty easy to remove. After that, remove the bottom three screws in the wheel wells that hold the trim on. You should be able to start popping trim off until you get to the bumper itself.

The bumper itself actually was easy once I figured it out. There are only 6 21mm nuts holding it to the chassis. Once those are removed it comes right off.


The new harness has an extra plug on each end that is used for fog lights. My XLT does not have fog lights so I just taped them off.


Well I had the bumper off, I unplugged the speaker for the frunk.... Unrelated but a nice mod.


Bumper back on with the radar installed.


The steering wheel buttons need to be replaced if you want to be able to change your follow distance. Otherwise its locked to level 5 I believe. Its not much more work so I recommend it. Pop the top trim of the steering wheel column off, tilt the wheel to an angle, then use a screwdriver to unlock the airbag. Watch a video online, its hard to explain. Once that is done, there are two screws holding the trim on. Remove those and pop the trim off to access the button. FYI the new button wont work till you reprogram the truck with Forscan.

Okay now to the fun part... Here are the forscan values I put together. I highly recomend reading through the master list if you have a different model year or trim level than me. I have also made a few forscan changes before this mod so my settings may be different.

These two spreadsheets are for reference only, follow the changes I list below:
ACC Add Changes
Livnitup's FORScan - 2021-23 F150

Forscan changes for 2022 Lightning XLT. If the values are different on your truck, refer to Livnitup's FORScan spreadsheet above.

SCCM *Only if you swap the left hand steering wheel switch for the one that includes the follow distance change
724-03-01 03xx xxxx

760-03-01 *xxx -- (4 to C)

7D0-05-01 *xxx xxxx xx-- (0 to 2)
7D0-05-01 xx*x xxxx xx-- (0 to 8)
7D0-09-01 *xxx xxxx xx-- (4 to 6 OR 5 to 7)
7D0-09-01 xxxx *xxx xx-- (2 to 4)
7D0-09-01 xxxx xxxx x*-- (Refer to Livnitup sheet)
7D0-09-02 xxx* xxxx xx-- (4 to E or 5 to F)
7D0-09-02 xxxx x*xx xx-- (4 to 7)
7D0-09-02 xxxx xxxx x*-- (5 to D)
7D0-09-04 xxxx xxxx *x-- (0 to 6)

726-16-01 xxxx x*** xx-- (384 to 390)

IMPORTANT: Disconnect FORScan and turn the truck completely off, then back on. Reconnect FORScan BUT do not use the saved profile. Let it rescan for all modules.

Connect to IPMA and take a screenshot of the following values
706-19-01 xxxx xxxx xx--
706-19-02 xxxx xxxx xx--
706-19-03 xxxx xxxx xx--
706-19-04 xxxx --

Connect to the C-CM module and input those values into these spaces.
764-01-01 xxxx xxxx xx--
764-01-02 xxxx xxxx xx--
764-01-03 xxxx xxxx xx--
764-01-04 xxxx --

706-01-01 *xxx xxxx xx-- (0 to 8)
706-01-01 xx*x xxxx xx-- (0 to 5)
706-01-01 xxx* xxxx xx-- (0 to 8)
706-01-01 xxxx xxxx x*-- (A to E)
706-02-01 *xxx xxxx xx-- (3 to 7)
706-02-02 x**x xxxx xx--(04 to 05)
706-16-01 *xxx xxxx xx-- (0 to 1)
706-16-01 xxx* xxxx xx-- (9 to B)

720-01-01 x*xx xxxx xx-- (C to F)
720-01-02 xxxx *x-- (4 to 8)
720-03-01 x*xx xxxx xx-- (0 to 5)
720-03-02 xx*x xx-- (4 to C)
720-09-01 *xxx xxxx xx-- (A to B)
720-09-01 xxxx xxxx *x-- (1 to 9)
720-09-02 *xxx xx-- (0 to 2 or 1 to 3)
720-10-01 x*xx xxxx xx-- (A to B)

730-02-02 xxxx **xx xx-- (00 to FF)
730-02-02 xxxx xx** xx-- (00 to FF)
730-02-03 **xx xxxx xx-- (00 to FF)

Okay, once again disconnect FORScan and turn the truck completely off, then back on. Reconnect FORScan BUT do not use the saved profile. Let it rescan for all modules. Once the scan is done, go to the DTC button on the left and CLEAR ALL DTC. This is very important. Cycle the engine after doing so.

Theoretically you will have a few errors on the screen such as front braking disabled or something like that. These are all related to the radar not being calibrated. You will use FORScan to calibrate.

-Go to the wrench icon on the left to get to the service menu.
-Select C-CM Calibration.
-You will now need to drive around in traffic while following some vehicles and let the truck calibrate.
-Once calibration has finished, the errors on the screen should disappear after a power cycling.
-Theoretically everything should be working. If not, post here and Ill try to help.


Good luck!