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My latest side gig has been photo boothin'. At the request of my cousin a year back, I built a custom unit that would be cheaper than buying a kit, and about the same cost as renting one out. Why pay someone to do something when you can do it in a much longer and painful way yourself! Okay, back to the project. This isn't the first photo booth I have built. A few years back I threw together a unit made out of a electrical distribution box, a surface tablet, and a Canon SLR. It got the job done but was slow and buggy due to how I configured it. This was my chance to redeem myself and build it the way I wanted to. For this build, I wanted the screen to be the focus. It needed to be large and have a capacitive touch screen. Luckily large touch screens have plummeted in price and Dell had the perfect solution. To make it work thought I would have to build my own box. Just to preface the rest of the build, I did get a B+ in my Jr. High Woodshop I class. They knocked me down

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