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Adding ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and LK (Lane Keeping) to 2022 F-150 Lightning XLT

This guide will assist you in adding the radar unit and Forscan values to add Adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go, along with Lane Keeping. Please do not attempt without understanding how Forscan works, I ran into some issues that can disable the truck if you are not careful. Okay, lets get to it. These are the parts I bought. I used Tasca website to get the first three parts and the steering wheel buttons from eBay Sensor Assembly: ML3Z-9E731-G Mounting Bolts(3x): W720714S450B Wiring Harness: ML3Z-15K867-NA Steering wheel buttons: ML3Z-9C888-D Disassembling the bumper is what took me the longest. I plan on making a video on this when I help my friend do this mod to his lightning. For now, heres a quick overview. Before starting anything, unplug the 12v battery. This is necessary before removing the airbag in the steering wheel. Basically you remove all the bolts holding the frunk tub in. There's just one connector providing the power and lights to the tub so its pretty easy t

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